Best Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Systems

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These days, home security can’t be taken for granted. Even if you live in an area with a low crime rate, there are other things that might be helpful to capture with an outdoor security camera. For example, you may have heard of the horror stories of delivery men mistreating your packages or even strangers stealing packages on the porch. That’s when a security camera can come in handy.

Top-Rated Security Camera Systems

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1. Zmodo Home Security Camera
Some home security camera systems are very difficult to set up. This one isn’t. This Zmodo camera system comes with 720p wide-angle cameras, a network video recorder (NVR), and an app that’ll allow you to view your camera footage on your mobile devices. At minimum, a 2.4GHz wifi network is needed for the system to properly function.

2. ZOSI IP Camera System
This security system comes with 8 960P HD cameras. It comes with a pretty smart notification system that’ll send you an alert whenever an unexpected movement is detected. Customers who reviewed this security IP camera system mentioned how amazingly clear the night vision footage was.

3. SMONET Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera
This security camera system works well both indoors and outdoors. It is best suited for small to medium homes as the system comes with four cameras. The home security system allows for video playback, video backup, and video detection. A 1TB hard drive is also pre-installed. This will allow you to keep a hold of old footage for a decent amount of time.

Outdoor Security Camera System Features

Night Vision Security Camera

These days, wireless security camera systems can come with all sorts of features. Some features are fads, while others are the real deal. Here are some important features to consider when looking at wireless outdoor security camera systems.

Low-Light Viewing
Suspicious activities are more likely to happen at night than during the day. If the camera is going to be aimed at a low-light environment then you may want to consider outdoor security cameras with features such as infrared night vision mode.

Motion Detection
You aren’t going to be a security guard who’ll be monitoring the camera screen 24/7. It will help if the security camera system comes with a motion detection alert system. A camera with a good motion detection feature will send an alert to your phone or email when any abnormalities are detected.

Viewing Adjustments
Some wireless security camera systems will allow you to control the camera viewing angle from your own computer or mobile device! This can come in handy if you need to monitor a wide area.

DVR & Camera Footage storage
For how long do you want to keep hold of the security camera recording? Most security camera systems run in a loop. Once the memory is full, the system will automatically replace the new footage with the oldest.

Weather-Proof Camera
Durability is an important factor. If the camera is not installed in a sheltered area then you’ll definitely want to get a weather-proof security camera system. Avoid any damages caused by wind, rain, and other weather elements.

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