Best Water Filter & Softener System for Whole Houses

Water Filter

Just moved into a new home? Is the tap water hard? There are many reasons why you may want to filter hard water. While the consequences aren’t immediate, hard water could cause all sorts of nuisance to your daily lifestyle.

For example, hard water could slowly damage household appliances like washing machines by causing mineral residue to build up. If you need a water filter or water softener system for the whole home then consider one of the systems below.

Best Water Softener Systems for Whole Houses

Water Softener for Whole Homes

1. Fleck 48,000 Grain Water Softener
Fleck water softener systems come in a number of different sizes incl. 48,000 grain. It features an on-demand meter to help measure the amount of water needed and a simple LCD display for troubleshooting purposes. You won’t realize how much you love salt water until you install the Fleck water softener system.

2. APEC Reverse Osmosis Water System
This water filter system is another strong contender. It could make tap water taste great by removing contaminants like chlorine. You won’t want to buy bottled water ever again once this system is in place at home.

3. ABCwaters Filter System
This is a 48,000 grain water softener with upgraded 10% cross-linked resin. The water softener consists of a 10″ diameter mineral tank and a 36″ brine tank. Consider this system if you need a water softener with high capacity.

Water Softener System Features

Don’t know much about water softeners? Here are some features you may come across as you research the different types of water softeners.

Grains per gallon: water softeners come in many different sizes. The sizes are categorized by grains per gallon, which is a metric used to define water hardness. Before you purchase a water softener system, you will want to get a water hardness test kit to determine the tap water’s hardness level.

Brine tank: most water softener systems come with a secondary tank which contains brine (basically water saturated with salt).

Resin beads: this is essentially the component that allows the system to soften the water. Minerals like calcium and magnesium will stick to the resin beads as part of the ion exchange process. Resin beads typically do not have to be replaced for a number of years.

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