Tap Water Quality in San Antonio, TX – Safe to Drink/Cook With?

Will you be making the move to San Antonio soon? Don’t forget to do some research on tap water ahead of time if you don’t want a nasty surprise.

Tap Water Quality Factors

The quality of tap water isn’t necessarily the same for every location. Here are some factors that may contribute to the differences.

Tap Water Source: in San Antonio, most communities are likely to get their drinking water from the Edwards Aquifer.

Water Utility: San Antonio Water System is the utility that provides tap water to the San Antonio community. Their website provides a lot of great resource on the tap water. For example, they provide a report on level of the Edwards Aquifer.

Property Maintenance: the quality of tap water isn’t purely determined by the filtration systems used by the utility. It can also be influenced by the amount of maintenance done by your property. Water pipes that aren’t well maintained can be affected by processes like corrosion. These processes can lead to the presence of unwanted contaminants in the tap water.

Water Filter/Softener Needs in San Antonio

So does this mean you will need a water filter or water softener when you move to San Antonio? Quality is one thing, preference is another. The quality of the tap water could be great but it might not match your taste due to the presence of natural minerals in the water.

One simple you can do is to conduct your own test. Grab yourself a cheap water test kit and find out the hardness of the tap water. You can also ask around and learn from your neighbors. Pick their brain and learn about their experiences of dealing with the local tap water.