Tap Water Quality in Houston, TX – Safe to Drink/Cook With?

Will you be moving or have already moved to Houston, TX? One thing that many people forget to plan for is the local tap water. People have different taste and that could have an impact on whether you consume the water that flows out from the tap.

Tap Water Quality Factors

Here are a few factors that’ll affect the quality of tap water. Take these factors into account when you decide whether the tap water is good to drink or cook with.

Tap Water Source: local lakes and rivers are the primary source of tap water in Houston. According to the city of Houston, the majority of water supply comes from Lake Livingston, Lake Conroe, and Lake Houston.

Water Utility: the city of Houston and Water and Wastewater Utility serves as the primary drinking water supplier for the Houston community. Visit their website to learn more about the services they provide.

Property Maintenance: tap water quality can’t be fully controlled by the public utility. It’s also important for property management to maintain the pipes that flow through and around the homes. Poorly-maintained pipes may cause unwanted contaminants to enter the tap water supply.

Water Filter/Softener Needs in Houston

You are probably wondering if a water softener or water filter is needed for your home in Houston. If you want to take the safe route then get your hands on a water test kit. These affordable kits can help you determine whether the tap water meets your preference.

If you have already moved in then you might find it helpful to reach out to your neighbors and get their thought and experience of consuming the local tap water. In general, water in Houston is considered to be “hard” so a water softener is recommended for people who aren’t used to hard water.