Find Free Moving Boxes in Lancaster, NY

Are you moving to/from Lancaster, NY and need free moving boxes as well as some tips on moving efficiently? You've come to the right place.

Start looking for free moving boxes in Lancaster. Moving is a stressful experience for everyone involved and the costs could add up quickly. One way of reducing moving costs is by getting free moving boxes. Fortunately, in a place like Lancaster, there should be plenty of local businesses where you could request for free moving boxes. Here are some places to approach and ask.

Bars and Restaurants

One solid way of starting your search for free moving boxes is by approaching restaurants and bars. In Lancaster, there are quite a few popular restaurants you might want to reach out to. A few places to include in your shortlist are: Frank’s Grille, 99 Brick Oven, Lancaster’s Broadway Deli, Ronny’s Take-Out Pizza, and The Pizza Heist. Restaurants and bars are good places to ask for free moving boxes because they get a lot of boxes on a regular basis, especially when they need to have ingredients and other restaurant goods delivered.

Grocery Stores & Pharmacies

Grocery store serve as a different option to find free moving boxes. In Lancaster, NY, there are a number of establishments you may want to explore for free moving boxes. For example, some of the more popular grocery stores and pharmacies include: Wegmans, Save A Lot, Depew Deli & Grocery, Tops Friendly Markets, and Dash’s Market. Don’t forget to give these places a call first.

Liquor Stores

If you haven’t had any luck with the above two places, try liquor stores instead. In Lancaster, there are many liquor stores that could be giving away sturdy boxes for free. Some places in mind are Caputi’s Northtown Liquors, Outlet Liquor, Premium Wine & Spirits, Lancaster Discount Liquors, and Georgetown Square Wine and Liquor. Best of luck with the search.