Tap Water Quality in Chicago, IL – Safe to Drink/Cook With?

Moving to Chicago? Before you do, you might want to do some research on whether tap water in Chicago is safe to drink and cook with. Unfortunately, there’s no direct answer as the quality of tap water can be influenced by many different factors.

Tap Water Quality Factors

Here are a couple of factors to know about when it comes to tap water quality.

Tap Water Source: Chicago just so happens to be located next to the Lake Michigan, which serves as a source of drinking water.

Water Utility: the Department of Water Management is in charge of delivering tap water to the community of Chicago. As with all water utilities, you can go on the department’s website to find more information about the quality of tap water.

Property Maintenance: the quality of tap water could be beyond the control of the local utility. Tap water could also be affected by property maintenance. Contaminants can enter the tap water if the water pipes in your property aren’t well-maintained.

Water Filter/Softener Needs in Chicago, IL

You probably got to this point because you are curious if a water filter or water softener is necessary for your home. High-quality water filters can be quite the investment. Before you make the plunge, here are two things to do to get a better idea of whether such devices are needed.

First, reach out to your new neighbors and ask about their experiences of consuming the tap water. Second, get conclusive results by conducting your own water quality test. One way is to order a water hardness kit to help determine the hardness of the tap water. Hard tap water is not considered a health hazard but it might not be nice to consume for some people.