Tap Water Quality in Jacksonville, FL – Safe to Drink/Cook With?

Some people could be in for a surprise when they move to Jacksonville. The local tap water might be of a quality they are or aren’t used to. Here are a couple of factors that affect the quality of tap water in Jacksonville.

Tap Water Quality Factors

Tap water quality may differ per location or area in Jacksonville. Here are some factors to take into account.

Tap Water Source: the Florida Aquifer is generally the primary source of potable water in Florida. This aquifer is located 800 feet below ground surface.

Water Utility: JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority) is the primary water utility for Jacksonville. They are also a primary utility for sewage and electricity. JEA publishes an annual water quality report. In this report, you can find more information on water hardness, fluoride in drinking water, and levels of chlorine.

Property Maintenance: tap water quality could be affected by the level of maintenance by property management. Poorly-maintained pipes may cause contaminants to enter the tap water.

Water Filter/Softener Needs in Jacksonville

A large part of your decision on whether to purchase a water filter will depend on your general preference and taste. Jacksonville is known to have ‘hard’ tap water. Keep in mind that hard water is not considered a health risk. It simply means the water has a high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions.

If you are moving from a place that provides ‘soft’ water then you may find it less bothersome if you install a water softener for your kitchen and bathroom faucets. Before you do, try two things.

First, reach out to neighbors to get their thoughts on the local tap and any issues they might have experienced in the past. Second, get a water hardness kit to help determine the hardness of tap water flowing through your new home.