23 DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas for Warmth & Relaxation

Rustic refers to a practical style that uses natural materials and goods functionally and also in a frugal manner. The first few things that come to my mind when I think of a rustic home are warmth, relaxation, and comfort. Home decor enthusiasts expect this to be a key home decor theme this year. Today, we rounded up 50 rustic home decor ideas you could create yourself.

#1 Rustic DIY Bathroom Towel Holder

Wood can add a nice warm texture to your home. We love this idea, It’s so simple, yet so functional (Instructions)

#2 DIY Rustic Coffee Table

This coffee table will bring warmth to any living room. As shown in the photo, the color of the table blends well in a bright room (Instructions)

#3 DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor

Mason jars aren’t going away anytime soon. Use them to add a touch of color to your walls (Instructions)

#4 DIY Necklace Holder

Live by the sea? Look for some driftwood and turn them into sturdy necklace holders (Instructions)

#5 Garden Rake Kitchen Holder

Don’t throw away that old garden rake just yet. With some cleaning and adjustments, you can turn it into a great kitchen utensil holder (Instructions)

#6 Rustic Wall Ruler

Find yourself measuring your height all the time? Create your own wall ruler with a plank of wood (Instructions)

#7 Rustic Wood Tray

A simple yet elegant way to organize things in the kitchen (Instructions)

#8 Industrial Pipe Shelves

Use sturdy industrial pipes to create shelves along your bathroom wall (Instructions)

#9 Wood Love Rope Sign

A great way to re-use recycled wood material. Use a piece of rope to create a warm sign decor (Instructions)

#10 Tilt-Out Trash Cabinet

Create a beautiful wooden cabinet that’ll keep your trash well-hidden (Instructions)

#11 Decorative Tree Branches

Find some sturdy tree branches and use them as support for wall shelves (Instructions)

#12 DIY Photo Clipboards

Attach wooden clipboards to the wall and add your favorite photos to create a simple yet memorable look (Instructions)

#13 DIY Rustic Floating Shelves

Have a blank wall? Add these simple floating shelves to create a feeling of warmth and relaxation in your room (Instructions)

#14 DIY Wooden Spool Console Table

A spool can become a nice sturdy coffee table or night stand for your home (Instructions)

#15 DIY Natural Wreath

Add a touch of fall to your home by creating a wreath made of wood (Instructions)

#16 Rustic Recycle Bin

You don’t need those expensive recycle bins to store the materials. Consider making one instead with recycled wood material (Instructions)

#17 Marbled Terracota Pots

You can make one of these in minutes. Change up the color to add some vividness to your home (Instructions)

#18 Rustic Farmhouse Bench

An addition like this can be great if you need a place to store or hold small household objects (Instructions)

#19 Farmhouse Produce Rack

A simple way to keep your fruits and vegetables organized in the kitchen (Instructions)

#20 Rustic Coffee Tray

Are you a coffee lover? Impress your visitors with this elegant coffee tray (Instructions)

#21 Rustic 3-Tier Serving Tray

Like having afternoon tea? Create this 3-tier serving tray to hold all the delicious treats (Instructions)

#22 Ladle Candles

A simple yet genius way of having candles around your home. Use some old ladles to hold small candles (Instructions)

#23 Rustic Bathroom Wood Stool

Create a wooden stool for your bathroom (Instructions)

We hope you enjoyed checking out these rustic home decor ideas. These should be enough to keep you busy throughout the year.

This article was last updated on 09/24/2017.

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