Tap Water Quality in San Diego, CA – Safe to Drink/Cook With?

Planning on making a move to San Diego, CA? If so, don’t forget to do some research on the local tap water. You’ll want to know if the water matches your taste.

Tap Water Quality Factors

Tap water can be affected by a number of factors. Here are some to consider.

Tap Water Source: may come from a number of different sources. The big one is the Colorado River. Some communities may get their water from the state’s canal systems and dams.

Water Utility: the public utility of the City of San Diego distributes the tap water to the community. This page provides more information about the water quality. They provide a report on water quality relative to public health goals.

Property Maintenance: the public utility does the best job they can to maintain the quality of tap water. Unfortunately, there are certain things that go beyond their control. For example, tap water may get contaminated if the pipes in your home don’t get maintained regularly. You will want to prevent things like corrosion.

Water Filter/Softener Needs in San Diego

So does this mean you need a water filter for your home? That again can depend on a number of things. The quality of tap water might be great but it might not match your taste. San Diego has relatively hard water so a water softener may come in handy.

To learn more about your tap water, you can conduct your own simple water quality tests. Get yourself a water hardness kit to find out quick results. It also doesn’t hurt to go around and ask your neighbors. They may provide some good insights on the local tap water and things they have done to alleviate any water issues.