Tap Water Quality in Phoenix, AZ – Safe to Drink/Cook With?

Thinking of moving to Phoenix? One important aspect of moving that many people forget to research is the quality of tap water at the destination.

Tap Water Quality Factors

The quality of tap water can be affected by a number of different factors. Here are a few to think about.

Source of Water: in Arizona, tap water may come from surface water or ground water. A lot of communities in Arizona get their drinking water from sources managed by entities such as the Salt River Project.

Water Utility: the Water Services Department in Phoenix treats and distributes tap water to the Phoenix community. According to a report by this utility, odor variations may occur seasonally due to the byproduct of algae that form on the surface water. The Water Services Department applies the appropriate treatment to get rid of the algae from the water.

Property Maintenance: the quality of tap water can get beyond the control of the water utility if a property is not well-maintained. Poorly-maintained pipes within a home could cause contaminants to enter the water supply. It is important to check the pipes on a regular basis to confirm they are in a good condition.

Factors such as those listed above may all contribute to the amount of contaminants found in tap water.

Water Filter/Softener Needs in Phoenix

All these different factors lead to the important question. Do you need a water softener or water filter in Phoenix? Ultimately, there is no direct answer because a lot can also depend on your preferred taste of water. If you are unsure then there are two things you can do at this point.

First, get yourself a water quality test kit. These test kits are simple to use and will help you validate any potential concerns you have of the tap water. The second thing you can do is to either reach out to an online Phoenix community or ask your neighbors once you have made the move to your new home.